sunday evening orgasm...

it was dry enough for a change today,
so i fired up the gas trimmer and the lawn mower
and managed to get half of the grounds of Stately Sad Old Goth Manor manicured.
after i got finished, i treated myself to some grand
masturbation of the soul...
1. mixed a nice dry vodka martini, with the obligatory three olives.
2. grilled some asparagus on the trusy old kenmore outside grill.
3. drizzled some extra virgin olive oil on same, after they were charred
to pefrection.
4. sprinkled them with some salt and freshly grated romano.
5. gobbled them up.
6. followed it up with another pair of martini's and a
cuban cigar that my daughter sumggled back from canada
in her sock.
7. sat outside and enjoyed the evening with the little brown bats.
sometimes, life is really, really fucking outstanding.


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