this old lair, part 3...

So, I've spent the past two days residing the back of my house. I put a nice, big bay window in the south wall of the living room some time ago, and I'm finally getting around to replacing the siding. It's been a slow go, as the place has settled here and there over the years, so you basically have to do everything by eye, so it matches what's already in place. Very frustrating at times, but I guess that's part of living in a home that was built in 1841. I should be able to wrap it up tomorrow, if all goes well. I have to say, there is a strange bit of transformation taking place on the back of the house. It's starting to take on a cottage sort of look, which is very out of keeping with the Georgian/Italianate style of the rest of the house. Between the bay window, the gardens and the new shake style roof on the kitchen, you feel like you're walking up to the back door of some old English cottage. I sort of like it, it's very comfortable looking. It will probably look even more so when I replace the old storm door with an old fashioned style wooden screen door and replace the inside door with a Dutch door, which is something I've always wanted. I'm also thinking about replacing the concrete walk with a brick one, as well as a brick patio off the kitchen.
It's been very interesting around my little town the past two days as well. It's the two hundred and twenty fifth anniversay of the Battle of Monmouth, which was pretty much the turning point of the Revolutionary War. It was basically fought in my back yard. My property backs up against a huge state park, Monmouth Battlefield State Park and every year they have a re-enactment of the battle around this time in June. The actual battle lasted two days, so they spread it out over Saturday and Sunday. However, this year they're really doing it up. On Friday, there was a march from the town of Englishtown to the town of Freehold and they had to go right down my street. Quite a sight to see General George Washington on horseback, a twenty piece Colonial Fife and Drum band, gangs of en-enactors dress in full Colonial military gear, as well as about a hundred Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, etc, marching along. And all day today, I worked to the sound of cannon fire and musket report as the did the first day of the battle. I was sitting outside having a beer before and I can smell their campfires and food cooking, that's how close they are. I may trip over for an hour or so tomorrow to take a look. I've been to the event many times in the 26 year's I've lived here, but it's always a gas to see it. I can walk through the park and watch the battle from a tree, like some Colonial kid might have done.
Well, there's some more Beck's calling my name. I need to get some rest, too, as my day started at five this morning and I just finished up about an hour ago, and tomorrow looks like about the same.
No pictures this time, too busy to take them. Maybe some of the finished project, though, if I remember.
later. peace.


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