wuzza... snort... fizzle... goop...

so, for the past three days i've been feeling like crap. i went to bed early friday night and spent most of the day saturday sleeping, trying to get past this thing, as i had plans to meet up with the bloodhound in philly for the kaiju big battel event at the electric factory. didn't work out. by six o'clock yesterday evening i was running a fever and had to keep in an upright position so the crap wouldn't run down my throat, making me cough and aggravating an already sore throat. i still feel like crap. i hope i can manage work tomorrow. i'm at least able today to nurse a jar of guiness stout, which, if all the fables and tales are true, should help me get over this thing, whatever it is...
so, that's been my wonderful weekend. i hope you had a better one.


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