the dark... and then, the dark...

"no, i'm not ready for
whatever it is that
you need to throw at me..."

"why not, are you afraid?"

"no, nothing you could say
would scare me."

"how about this...
you don't love me anymore."

"you're wrong, i love you."

"you love the idea of me,
you don't love me."

"i don't love the idea of
myself, i couldn't comprehend
the idea of you, much less love it."

"you're a toad."

"i'm a lonely toad."

"you should die in the undertow."

"i've already done that."

"you should burn."

"i couldn't take the heat."

"is there some point to that?"

"no, it's just that i'd rather freeze."

"you're missing the point."

"no, i'm missing you."

"i'm not the point."

"neither am i."

"no, you're always the point."

"not right now."

"oh, maybe not... it doesn't matter."


"so, what's the point."

"there's no point, only the excuses."

"there you go..."

"i know. it doesn't hurt, really..."



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