let's all play...The Political Correctness Game!!!

As you can tell, the Fox Network thing has become a major stone in my craw. I'd be pissed anyway, but the fact that it's Charlie Chan gives it some special meaning. Before I get into the game, let me tell you why...
When Mrs. Sad Old Goth and I first got married, we were pretty much dirt poor. We didn't have the brass in pocket to go out and have fun on the weekends, so when we went food shopping every Saturday, we bought a Tree Tavern Brand frozen pizza, maybe some tomatoes and some sliced pepperoni and a six pack of beer. At eleven thirty every Saturday night we would heat up the pizza and whatever toppings we could afford, grab the beer and climb into bed. We would chow down on the pizza and the beer, cuddle up and watch the Saturday night Charlie Chan movie on channel 48 out of Philadelphia. It was something really special. So, you can see why this really hit me in the balls. Anyway, on to the game...
I would like you all to send me a movie or many movies, if you want, that you fear will succumb to the same tom-foolery as poor old Charlie, along with what group or groups might find them offensive and why. And friends, let's not be too serious here, let's have some fun! I will gather all the entries and post them on the old blog here. Maybe even put them in an email and spam some of these asshole groups that are trying to impose their slanted will on us all. Come on, kids, it will be fun! Here's one to get the ball rolling:

The Jazz Singer, with Al Jolson. This one might never see the light of day again! Let's see... it's the story of a Jewish kid who defies his father, a famous Cantor who wants him to follow in his footsteps and goes into show business. But, that's not all! He performs in Vaudville, in Blackface! Holy shit! So, who is going to be offended by this one and why???
1. Children's Rights organizations, for sure. Not only was the kid denied his ambitions, his father actually beat him! No time-out chair for this lad. That's child abuse! Imagine actually disciplining your kid!
2. Every Pro-Jewish organization in the world will have a field day with this one! Here this poor guy has to perform in makup, hiding his ethnic features from everyone!
3. The NAACP. Blackface! Christ, that's cause for an uproar if I ever saw one! Talk about stereotypes!

So, do you get the idea? All ya gotta do is click on the "talk to me" link in the left hand banner and rant away!


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