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here’s a little gem that I picked up from Tounge Tied this morning.
Cancelling Chan

Fox Movie Channel has cancelled a planned series of Charlie Chan movie screenings after learning of concerns about their tendency to perpetuate racial stereotypes and offend some viewers, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Among those complaining about the movies, produced in the 1930s, was the Organization of Chinese Americans Inc., which called the films "a painful reminder of Hollywood's racist refusal to hire minorities to play roles that were designated for them."

One of the complaints is that the movies featured a white dude in the leading role of a thickly-accented but brilliant Asian detective.

In a statement posted to its website, the channel said the films "were produced at a time where racial sensitivities were not as they are today" and expressed hope that "this action will evoke discussion about the progress made in our modern, multicultural society."

Can you believe this bull? What next?


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