why bother..?

I was going to write this long, angry rant to the Fox Network about this Charlie Chan business, but why waste the time and effort? Anyone who evolved in the womb past the brain stem cell stage and hasn't been caught up in this mass hysteria of political correctness, knows what a bunch of simpering, cowtowing and spineless boot-lickers they are... they've gotten line to kiss the ass of the loud-mouthed, self-serving minions of the causes that seek to protect us from any and all forms of unsavory films, music, words, you name it. These "PC" groups are nothing but a bunch of closet Nazi's. At least Herr Hitler and his gang were up front about it. No pandering about with that bunch. Could you see the Brown Shirt's saying, "Gee, if you don't stop selling your goods to Jews, we're not going to buy stuff from your store anymore."?
All Fox Network had to do was tell those braying asses to change the channel if they don't like what they see. They didn't have to fall in line like all the other organizations, businesses, local governments and, yes, even the Federal Government do when confronted by these idiots.
Just one more sorry instance of how the world is going to hell in a hurry.


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