the big blow...

well, I've been spending the past few days getting ready for whatever Isabel will throw at us. While we're out of the central path of the storm, we should probably get sustained 40 - 50mph winds with higher gusts and drenching rains. We've tied everything down, removed the ancient gargoyles from the roof of the lair and have a made provisions to rent a high volume pump to hopefully keep up the the amount of rain that will no doubt cause our little brook to swell over it's banks. The other worry is the number of trees that surround the place, very huge and ancient things that could do considerable damage should they fall on the lair. We've also prepared for the possiblility of extended power outages - the lamps are filled, flashlights at hand, ready to go. Also a good supply of liquid libations just in case the local liquor store gets blown away...
so, I'll keep you all up to date as things progress or degrade, as the case may be.
If you are in a danger area, I wish you good luck.


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