shine on...

rising tonight, behind the tiring trees, is the friend of those who's toil it is to till the earth... the Harvest Moon.
They, who live closest to the Mother, know this is their chance to bring it all 'round - to complete the cycle, to conclude the dance. For the day of reaping and gathering does not end with the fading of the sun behind the hills of the west, but goes on, bathed in the rays of Lune. For Autumn's chill grip is soon upon us, and any bounty not brought in shall waste.
And even you, who do not plant the Earth, but hear Her sweet song nonetheless, do well revel in this night's fair light, knowing full well that this joyous refrain of Summer's end shall all too soon turn into a Winter's lament...
Go, now, out into this fine night, walk the ancient path laid long before... you shall see your way with ease.


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