every once in a while...

a little musical gem surfaces and it’s gleam far outshines all others in your mind’s ear. Such it is with Bright Eyes, an ever-evolving entity that revolves around an incredible young talent, Conor Oberst. I was introduced to this talented and insightful twenty-four year old singer/songwriter by my daughter the other night and he’s been haunting me ever since. Not since someone sat me down so many years ago and made me listen to Leonard Cohen for the first time have I been so emotionally thrashed about by simple tunes and simple lyrics that belie the depths of the message they convey. We listened to a broad sampling of his work, but by far the CD that really grabbed me by the gut is "Fevers and Mirrors", which is available on the Saddle Creek label, as are his other astounding efforts. Like Jason Molina’s SONGS: Ohia, Bright Eyes is an ever evolving entity, pulling in talent to orbit around Conor’s creative sun long enough to refine and record, then it dissolves, only to re-form again, a new collection of talent starting the process over. I don’t mean to gush over this young man, but he is really worth seeking out and having a listen to. Please purchase some of his music.
(Equally as talented but in a slightly different direction is another Saddle Creek band, "Sorry about Dresden", of which Conor’s brother Matt is a member, so check them out as well).
Blessed be.


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