i am not dead...

I've been slaving away on the renovation of the lair's kitchen. All the cabinets have been stripped down to bare wood, which is a nice, rich red oak. I've spent the last few nights sanding and applying a clear acrylic coating. It's slow work, but the results are worth it. When they are done, I'll put on the new hardware, which will probably be green cut glass handles, which will be a nice accent to the green tin ceiling and the slate floor, both of which are yet to happen, but have been picked out. We're also opting for a press tin backsplash behind all the counters, which will match the pattern of the ceiling, but will probably not get painted, as they come a nicely lacquered stainless steel.
I spent the past Sunday cleaning up the flower beds and planting some hardy mums and some more multi-color petunias for some late color.
The leaves are starting to turn and the diminishing light is starting to bring on the usual seasonal melancholy, so stand by for the usual depressing shit you've come to know and love.
The new page design is crawling along, all I need is to finish some photography and send it to the web designer so she can get this thing rolling. It will be something to see when it's done.
So, that's it for now, I think. I'll try to keep you updated on things as time allows.
Blessed be, friends.


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