this old lair...the next chapter

I've turned to the endless list of inside projects now that the cooler weather is here and started the renovation of our kitchen today. I spent the day on the refinishing of the kitchen cabinets. It's going better than expected, I managed to get three wall cabinets stripped today and the doors and drawer fronts of three base cabinets. If it keeps going this good I should have the balance of the cabinets ready to finish in about a week or so. We were going to paint them, but they are made of solid red oak and have cleaned up so well that we might just put an oil finish on them.
The next step will be replacing the tile floor with wood, maybe bleached bamboo would be nice. After that, painting the walls and putting in a new ceiling. Maybe a copper color tin ceiling along with a stained glass ceiling light fixture.
As far as rebuilding the blog goes, I've bitten the bullet and have been in contact with a web designer from Australia... she specializes in gothic and fantasy themes and if everything works out, it should be something to behold, so stay tuned.
I've been working on recreating the final chapters of my story "Treasure of the Sierra Madre, East", which, you might recall, was left hanging when my other PC imploded. I will repost the entire story at once so you don't have to go digging through the archives for it.
Well, I'm going to kick back, have a brew or two and watch "Seven".
Oh, yeah, I haven't forgotten about Monster Mania. I will be posting a review and a little diary of our experiences as part of the staff.


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