what am I listening to..?
the whistling of the wind...

that's strange...

i thought i posted something last night... now it's gone... no matter.
i just finished up hanging the holiday decorations on the outside of the lair. white icicle lights around the front porch; wreaths on the porch posts; garland and white lights around the front door; and i got the cutest little santa hats for the gargoyles that sit on the north and west eaves of the house... for the most part they're hidden from the general public by the huge spruce trees that flank the front of the lair, but once you notice them, well, you can't keep your eyes off of them. i have noticed a drop off in the number of religious solicitors knocking on the door since i put them up, though.
the house is back in order following the thanksgiving festivities, all the good silver has been cleaned and put away, the hand thrown pottery dishes, bowls and such have survived another year and been put back into the corner hutch. soon it will be time to hang the solstice greens in the house and bring in this year's yule log.
only three weeks until the midwinter celebrations, the bonfire, the ale, the music and the dance. i can't wait.
Blessed be, friends.


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