what am I listening to..?
The Lilac Time - "Black Velvet"


I've been up for twenty three hours. I painted all day, except for the time I spent installing new under cabinet lighting in the kitchen, washing dishes, doing laundry and helping the Mrs. put groceries away. I took a few hours off to go watch the opening game of Rutgers University's basketball season - a real nail biter against Lafayette. Rutgers managed to pull it out in the second half for the win. I got home around eleven and put one more coat of paint on the doors and drawer fronts. I should be able to wrap up the painting tomorrow and then rehang the doors and install the drawers on Monday and put on the new handles and knobs. I have to build a valance to go under the front of the cabinet over the sink to hide the new light as it is blinding when standing right in front of it.
I was just outside looking at the stars. It's in the low forties and dead still out there. A beautiful night, I wish I wasn't so tired, I'd go for a walk in the woods... but, it's time to visit the land of Nod, so I bid you good night and Blessed be.


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