codine is a wonderful thing...
anyway, I noticed something this morning when driving to work; I think one of the most astounding things this time of year is how the vista changes as the trees loose their leaves. The world goes from being a soft, enclosed womb of greenery, to being more wide open as the view increases through the bare limbs. The world becomes visibly more barren, far off hills can be seen through the skeletal woods, hills that normally are hidden by the foliage. Everything seems more stark and less inviting. It's like the difference between being in a cozy little cottage and a cold, empty manor. It just doesn't seem right. Maybe that's why winter always seems colder and harsher than it really is...
maybe I'm just rambling in my drug addled state... or do you know what I mean?
whatever. I'm going to go crawl into bed and listen to The Last Dance's "Tragedy" cd.


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