what am I listening to..?
the Mrs., making New Year's delights in the kitchen.

i arose very early...

this morning, well before dawn. Padded downstairs and put on some coffee, then sat in the dark, waiting for the sunrise so I could see it one last time this year. I went outside and watched the day come in, the high clouds turning from grey to orange to scarlet and back to grey again. I went back inside and had another cup, then roused Sheba, the Hound from Heck, to take her out for a walk. Upon stepping out into the back garden, we were greeted by two beautiful deer standing at the edge of the back woods, while, directly over them in the grey, white and blue striped sky, was an astoundingly bright and colorful sundog. Really something. Two beautiful creatures, sent, perhaps as a greeting by Diana, while her newly reborn son and companion, Helios, paints the sky with a self portrait... quite a start to the day, I must say. Legend tells that a sundog is a portend of good luck, especially before a hunt, which, in a way, I guess we are all on today, in our own way; we've been hunting for understanding of the year past and hunting for a hint of what's to come in the new year. Maybe we'll be lucky in our quests, whatever they may be, this new year.
So on that note, I wish you all well, all health, all happiness, all understanding and above all, peace for the coming year. See you then.
Blessed be.


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