what am I listening to..?
nothing, it is dead quiet...

almost everything aches...

from shoveling snow. i had to do the walks and driveway twice yesterday; i did it once in the morning and then the second wave of snow and wind came through and i had to do it all over again last night... by actual measurement we had 13.5" of snow. not bad for the first one of the season.
it took two hours to clean the cars off this morning as they were covered not only with snow but an underlayer of ice. then i did the grocery shopping for the week, came home, put everything away and then went back out and shoveled a path to the garbage cans and made a bigger place for Sheba the dog to use as a bathroom. after that i made some stuffed peppers for dinner and am currently waiting for them to get done whilst working on the sixth bottle of winter ale... i couldn't wait until the solstice to sample it.
i started hanging the winter decorations in the lair yesterday, got all the greens hung up in the dining room along with a huge pine spray and some really large pine cones i found on the roadside earlier this year. i also got the greens hung on the upper hallway bannister and put the candles in the windows and hung the wreaths. i'll get to the living room tomorrow night after work.
oh, yeah, i also made some killer muffins last night, i haven't made any in quite a while and they really hit the spot. i think i'll go on a muffin kick for a while, maybe make some nice apple and cinnamon muffins for the solstice holiday and some anise seed muffins for the new years. mmmmmmm.
well, gotta go check the peppers and get another ale. stay warm.
i bid you peace and Blessed be.


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