what am I listening to..?
Shellyz Raven - "Desolation"

"if I keep on falling..."

will it keep me from hitting the ground?
Karine is lamenting being in the Christmas spirit too early and thinking that by the time it rolls around, she won't be in the mood anymore... I might fall prey to the same feelings myself soon... so far three holiday gatherings have been postponed until after the new year because everyone is too busy. It's a shame that things have degraded like this. This is a special time of year. It is a time to reflect and make new plans, a time to gather and reaffirm relationships with friends and family and with the earth and the Goddess and the God, a time to celebrate the year that has past and celebrate the year that is to come, and everyone is too busy... I guess the concept of what's important has shifted in our perception. (that's a figurative "our", I don't include myself, sorry). I'll be hanged if everyone's corrupted sense of importance will effect me... maybe you all need to take a little step back and get a little more in touch with what your life means to you and take advantage of the opportunity to express it, rather than worrying about your bullshit schedules and the inconvenience of having to congregate with your fellow folk to celebrate just being alive and being together... might come the day when you can't be with those you love and then you'll really have something to lament. Believe me, I don't wish that upon you, I just hope you wake up. Do this... get up early enough tomorrow to go outside and watch the sun come up. Think about how many sunrises you have missed in your life. Think about how few you might have the opportunity to see between tomorrow morning and the end of this phase of your life. Do the same thing at sunset tomorrow and just before you go to bed tomorrow night, go out and look at the night sky for a while, or just stand outside and feel the cold and the wind and the presence of the Goddess and the God around you. Get in touch with yourself, it will make it easier to reach out and touch others. Believe me, I know.
peace and love to you, friends, and Blessed be.


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