what am I listening to..?
Excelsis - "A Dark Noel"

i'm drinking coffee...

messing around with my blog template and listening to an album of Christmas music by a bunch of darkwave bands...
yes, it's another fun filled evening at Stately Sad Old Goth...Manor. I am alone. The lair is dead quiet, except for my music and pentatonic tinkling of the windchimes on the front porch... and the occasional gust of wind. I really love it like this, sitting here, writing by candle light, the only light in the whole manor. Tiger the Cat is asleep on the bed upstairs and Sheba, the Hound from Heck, is curled up next to the stove, snoring away. I may join her soon, she seems so comfortable and content. If only that's all it took, huh?
Can you tell I'm in an odd mood? Have you noticed that I'm actually using capital letters? Do you really care?
I don't forego using them without reason. Sometimes I just can't summon the strength to hit the shift keys with my pinkies... besides, my keyboard has, alas, seen it's day and most of the time the shift keys, as well as the space bar, don't work quite right without really laying into them. maybeishouldstopusingtheshiftkeyandthespacebar,youthink?
Sorry, I didn't mean to try to be humorous, I'll never do it again...
I highly recommend the CD I'm listening to, if you are so inclined to listen to Christmas music. Despite the unlikely assemblage of musical talent, it is a wonderful thing. All of the songs are done in the traditional manner, with a slightly dark edge to them. You can purchase a copy at Projekt, just hit the link at the left and take a look at some of the outstanding things they offer.
I'm going to take a break and go outside and see if I can see any of the Geminid meteor showers for a while, although it's still a bit early, and then maybe I'll be back with some observations on the subject of the impending winter celebrations, et.al...
Oh, yeah, in case you don't believe in flying reindeer.... click here!
see you all later, and Blessed be.


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