what am I listening to..?
This Ascension - "Just Assassin"


what is going on with the United States Postal Service..? I had a friend pick up some stamps for me today for my holiday cards and when i saw them i almost fell out of my chair! could it be that the USPS has finally come around? who's idea was is to have this colorful rendering the the Great Horned One, prancing about, playing his Pan pipes on "holiday" stamps? maybe the time as come for the Pagan/Wiccan communities to be officially recognized! you know what happened in that great old holiday movie "Miracle on 34th Street", don't you? Kris Kringle was on trial to prove whether or not he was Santa Claus and the deciding factor was when the USPS came into the court and dumped bag full after bag full of "Dear Santa" letters on the judges stand and the judge said that "If the United States Post Office recognizes this man as Santa Claus, than so does this court!" whew, too much!
this will certainly be something extra to celebrate this solstice, ya think?
gotta run!
Blessed be, friends!


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