what am I listening to..?
the wind driven rain hitting the windows

warm and fuzzy...

is the mood of the day. i put up the solstice/christmas/non-descript winter holiday tree this afternoon and hung the greens in the living room. all that's left to do is put the lights and ornaments on the tree. i've been drinking Seagram's Seven and 7-up all day, so i'm comfortably numb. i needed it. i spent most of yesterday in the car, first going to the bank, then the gas station, then the hardware store, then to the tree farm for the tree, then to Philadelphia to pick up my daughter, then up to Rutger's to watch them play Princeton, then back to Philadelphia to take my daughter home. then this morning, i went to the grocery store and did some shopping, then came home, put everything away, then went out to get a new stand for the tree, then out the to local liquor store. it's a good thing i like to drive and don't mind driving in the snow and the rain, because that's what it's been doing all day. a perfect day to stay inside and do holiday stuff and get bagged...
right now i'm eating a fried cubanelle pepper sandwich, with marinated grape tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese that mrs. sad old goth whipped up. yummmm. i think i'll address the holiday cards tonight so i can get them in the mail tomorrow and that will be that. i'll be all done. shopping is done, decorating is done, just have to wrap some gifts.
i wonder what Saddam is up to right now..?
later and Blessed be.


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