what am I listening to..?
the Packers and the Seahawks...

there's a huge...

pot of stew simmering on the stove; giant chunks of beef, carrots, turnips, potatoes, onions, garlic and scallions, simmering in a hearty beef broth, seasoned with fresh rosemary and sage... the scent is wafting throughout the manor, into the lair. It should be ready to eat around six or so... hmmm, a big bowl of home made stew, with hard, crusty home made bread, slathered with butter and some 2001 French Merlot...
It's a rainy, dreary day outside, much suited to cooking, baking and sitting around, drinking cocktails, watching football and waiting for dinner... sure is quiet and peaceful in the manor today. At least it's somewhat warm out and I haven't had to fire up the coal stoves. Tiger the cat and Sheba, the Hound from Heck are crashed out on the parlor floor, the Mrs. is doing some mending and daughter #2 is getting ready to go out with some friends. It's a wonderful day.
So far, the year is off to a good start; I can only hope that this continues.
The Yule tree and decorations are still up, we're not quite ready to let go of them yet. I love sitting around at night by the glow of the fairy lights and the window candles, taking in the sweet pine scent of the greens. All very cozy and such.
The blog might be down for a day or so soon, I'm going to be reworking the hard drive, this beast of a pc has been acting up recently and it needs a serious hosing.
Gotta go stir the stew, see you later.


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