what am I listening to..?
the Smiths... "how soon is now?"

i think...

i've finally grown tired of the winter. i'm listening to music that i usually reserve for the bouts of depression that hit in the summer...
sometimes i feel like my life is nothing more than clawing my way out of one emotional wolf pit only to tumble into another... only in the next one there are wolves and bears... and snakes. and no coffee. and no cigarettes. only the gods know what's in the next pit... probably rabid clowns. hmmm, coffee. that sounds like a good idea, considering that there are no distilled or fermented spirits in the manor for some strange reason... i'll be right back.
there, that didn't take long, did it? now i have some nice hot and black, in my favorite, comfy old maroon mug.
the manor is empty, except for Tiger the cat, Sheba the Hound from Heck and me... and those unnervingly quiet flying squirrells in the attic. the candles are lit and here i sit in the lair, writing and basking in the glow of the candles and a Sony Trinitron monitor... excuse me whilst i take a sip. ahh, fresh ground Columbian Roast, with a few espresso beans thrown in for the psychotropic effects... who needs absinthe, i've got caffine...
so, where was i? oh, yeah. you know, sometimes i feel like a brittle old reed that is going to shatter in the wind and then sometimes i feel like i just want to go walk in the woods and keep walking until, years hence, some hiker finds my bleached bones resting comfortably under a nice old tree. and then, there's times like now when i feel like banging my head into the wall for a while until i either pass out or at least get numb. or wake up the squirrells. maybe i just expect too much of others, at least on the emotional level... damn being a Libra!
there are a few things that offer some excitement, though; i got my new bagpipes yesterday. i'm looking forward to playing them. and, there's something in the offing that i can only tease you with now, but will soon announce, if not this weekend, shortly after.
well, i'm going to watch a basketball game. that's always good for taking the mind off things.
i bid you good night and Blessed be.


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