what am I listening to..?

it's sunday...

so that means i'm cooking... but before i get into that, let me tell you something;
it doesn't matter if something is one hundred percent real, or if it's almost one hundred percent fantasy, when things happen, the emotions are still the same. i know that probably doesn't mean much to you, but take it for what it's worth...
so, here's sad old goth's recipes of the day!
#1. cabbage soup.
start by coarsely chopping two golden onions. throw about three or four tablespoons of butter in a deep pot and throw in the onions, along with a few finely chopped cloves of garlic. add a couple teaspoons of salt and caraway seeds, and a lot of freshly ground pepper (a lot means a lot...).
cover and cook until the onions are cooked down a bit. in the mean time, finely shred a head of green cabbage. when the onions are cooked down a bit, throw in the cabbage and about six cups of either chicken or vegetable stock. cover, bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer for about forty or fifty minutes. damn good.
#2. sad old goth's "gee, remember when we were so poor we could only afford to make potato soup" potato soup.
start by coarsely chopping a nice big white onion. throw about three or four tablespoons of butter in a deep pot and a clove or two of finely chopped garlic. (there's no vampires wandering around the halls of the manor, as you can imagine, we love garlic)...
let the onions cook down while you peel and chop up about four or five pounds of white potatoes. when the onions are ready, throw in the spuds along with enough chicken or vegetable broth to cover and set it to boiling. when it starts boiling, cover it and reduce to a simmer. then...
while it's cooking down, pour yourself a Guinness and: cook up a pound of bacon until it's very crisp. drain and hold until later. hard boil half a dozen eggs, cool, peel and throw in the fridge until later.
when the potatoes are nice and soft, mash them up a bit (not too much, you want some small hunks) and toss in about six or seven finely chopped scallions. cover and let it cook down for about an hour, stirring every once in a while so you can sneak a taste.
when you're ready to eat; mince up the hard boiled eggs. ladle out a bowl full of soup, garnish with a little prepared horseradish, the hard boiled eggs, some crumbled up bacon, a nice sprinkle of crumbled bleu cheese or some crumbled Stilton and a dash of red wine vinegar. get yourself some nice crusty bread and a glass of wine and go at it.
you can mix in some of the cabbage soup, if you like, it goes well with the potato soup.
well, that's it for now. let me know if you try either of these out. i can't take credit for the cabbage soup recipe, i got it our of a vegetarian cookbook called "The Incredible Broccoli Forest", it was published in the seventies, but the potato one is mine.
i'll be back later, perhaps to expand on that rather obstuse observations i made.


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