what am I listening to..?
a basketball game, what else...

it just started to snow...

it's a very cold, dry snow, more like little flakes of mica wafting down from the sky. it looks like little diamonds when it falls through the light by the back walk. it is very, very cold, but at least there's no wind. that's going to come later. wind chills are supposed to be in the minus twenty range early tomorrow morning... and, go figure, no matter how much snow we get, there's no way i can take the day off, i have some important things to do tomorrow in the office. nothing i like more than slogging through the snow in the dark and the cold for sixty or so miles so i can get abused by my client...
i've been slowly descending into a minor state of depression, i really don't know why, but it seems to be worse at home that at work... i'm sure that's not a good sign. i could really use a long weekend of nothing to do. monday my company is open, but my client is closed, maybe i'll burn a vacation day and just hang around the manor, drink coffee and read.
notice that the pagan pentagram breaker thingy is gone... that got boring in a hurry.
i think i'm going to get bundled up, light a lantern, grab a pipe full of smokeweed and take a walk through the woods in the snow.
have a good night.
Blessed be.


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