what am I listening to..?
football and snowflakes the size of '48 buicks hitting the roof...

holy crap...

here's what's been going on:
friday, woke up at 2:30 in the morning to a house filled with smoke and oil fumes. called the service company and started up the stove to help keep the house warm.
the service guy shows up and the oil line is frozen due to the amount of sludge in the tank which contains enough condensed water to freeze. so... i helped him drill a hole in the back of the pantry, run two new lines into the house and after about three hours of fiddling around, it fired up. that was annoying and expensive...
the mrs. blew out a tire on the way home from work, and guess what, it was in my car...
so, saturday morning i dropped the rim off at the service station, ran some other errands, washed the car and then picked up the tire and put it on. watched rutger's get their head handed to them by pittsburgh on the tube... ouch.
drank some beers and started fighting a running nose and headache... took some powders and went to bed.
woke up this morning with a killer cold, sneezing, wheezing and hacking. while i was sitting around with tissues stuck up my nose, i hosed my hard drive and reinstalled all my software. seems to be working ok, it is definitely faster.
and now, it's snowing again like crazy. it sure is pretty, though.
added a link to a new friend in the "special souls" section, Poison. very interesting page, nice graphics. check her out.
well, Sheba, the Hound from Heck wants to go out and run around in the snow, so maybe i'll see you later.
blessed be, friends.


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