oh, the heck with it...

I can't wait for midnight!

For Immediate Release

The Bloodhound and Sad Old Goth are pleased to announce the launch of the on-line home of

The Children of The Night Cafe!

Our mutual love of horror movies, caffeine and all things goth has ignited our desire to bring them all together in a unique experience; an establishment that is a combination Coffee House, Entertainment Center and a gathering place for all our friends to come together and enjoy these delights! While opening the doors of the Cafe is a ways off, we are launching our on-line gathering place as a means to get the word out and start the ball rolling to help us finance our dream.
The initial goal is to establish a Children of The Night Cafe in the Philadelphia area, and then, who knows where it will go!
Please visit our on-line Cafe to read more about our endeavors and help us bring our dream to life!
The Children of The Night Cafe!
What music we shall make!


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