what am I listening to..?
October Project - "Bury my Lovely"


I was bored at work today, waiting for the movers to come and pack up everything to move to our new building, so I reworked the links section in the sidebar. I added a new link, "City of Shadows", a very beautiful website about Gothic London of old... and, Gothic Martha Stewart! Loads of fun there!
I also rearranged the links; I hope no one takes any offense at being catagorized. If you think you should be under a different heading, just let me know!
I read Aimee's Foxfire Diaries every day and she has been posting some wonderful stories about her childhood, please have a read. (She also said that she was going to post instructions for adding audio to your blog, but hasn't done it yet... hint, hint !)
Also, please check out Shana and Chris' Darchangels Digest - sign up with their Gobwebs forum so we can all chat!
And, if you haven't noticed *ahem* yet another teaser has been added to the sidebar... I can't wait for Friday the 13th!
I'm going to have a few glasses of wine (Ravenswood Cabernet) and finish the October Project cd, then maybe I'll be back later, I feel like waxing nostalgic myself... If you're not familiar with October Project, please search them out. They only produced two cd's and then went their separate ways, but they are worth the effort. Mary Fahl has a voice that has to be heard to be believed... on that note,
see ya!


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