what am I listening to..?
the ringing sound in my ears from too much wine mixed with barbituates...

the day started out great...

I got up, made some coffee and went upstairs to take a shower. I turned on the water, stepped into the tub and promptly found myself lying on the floor next to the tub... luckily, my face broke the fall and aside from a sore nose and some bruises on my shoulder, elbows and hip, I managed to survive... hell of a thing...
anyway, I was a little sore as I drove to work, and it got worse during the day; by the time I got home I was sore as all hell, so I dropped a few pain killers left over from my root canal and had the better part of a bottle of wine...
now I feel all warm and fuzzy... actually I can't really feel my fingers, so typing this is quite an effort... I look forward to some interesting dreams tonight!
so, on that note, off to Nod I go... and, tomorrow, there will be only nine more days to go! I can't wait!
*I know something you don't know, I know something you don't know... nyaa, nyaa, na, nyaa, na!!!*
god, I am a jerk, ain't I..?


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