what am I listening to..?
Arise from Thorns - "Time Alone..."

as i just...

walked up the center stairs of the manor in the dark, I looked up through the large window at the top of the stairs and there, shining back at me is Saturn. After living in this grim old pile for so long, I've come to realize that there are some things about it that are quite by design, not by accident. Like that large window at the top of the stairs. The bottom of the stairs start in the foyer, which is in the front of the place, which faces just a few degrees west of due north, so, as you mount the staircase, you are facing just a few degrees east of due south. Most advantageous in winter, as the staircase is quite dark and the lowered arc of the winter sun allows it to stream through that window and really brightens it up so you don't break your neck. The added bonus is, as on nights like this, that window affords a wonderful view of the heavens; sometimes the moon lights up my night time passage to the upper chambers, and sometimes, like tonight, you get a little surprise like Saturn. I have to wonder how many occupants of this house, in the past one hundred and sixty three years have stopped to gaze at the heavens on their way to bed at night? How many fleeting flights of fancy have been inspired by the light of Lune? Or perhaps Orion, his hands raised in victory of the hunt as he winds his way across the winter's night? Such are the things that life in the manor inspires...


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