what am I listening to..?
Frolic - "In Winter"

I'm much better now...

than I was yesterday or the day before. Said malady has finally decided to locate itself in my throat and eyes... so I sound like a frog when I talk and my eyes look like I've had a good, day long cry... sort of the wounded Spaniel look...
gee, if I was one of those Emo creeps I'd go hang out in a coffee shop somewhere and try to pick up some sympathetic little Emo chick... but, in reality, I probably look like some jones'd out old goth creep... whatever.
It's weird how your body reacts to things in the depths of a fever. I spent most of yesterday and yester'eve in bed, tossing and turning until I got fed up and reversed my position - I put my pillows at the foot of the bed and that's all it took. Amazing. Let's see, that would put my head to the north... must be some sort of Feng Shui thing.. maybe I should rearrange the bed chamber.
*insert five minute break here...*
Well, that was fun... I just had to go outside and chase Tiger the Cat around in the dark. She squeezed out the back door as it was being closed and that is not a good thing. She is down to eight lives after an encounter with a car some years ago, I really don't want to go through that again. I am very sure that she is the reincarnation of someone that I knew, there is someone behind her eyes that I just can't figure out. Maybe in time I will. She's starting to get old looking, her fur is starting to get a little coarse and spikey and it takes her forever to wake up. It's funny to see her padding around with her eyes half closed in the morning. She's used to going to bed with me around the same time every night and when I stay up later, she stands at the bottom of the stairs and waits for me. She sleeps all night between my legs, or sometimes on my chest. She snores. And dreams. Her tail flicks back and forth and she makes the strangest sounds when she dreams. Sometimes her feet jump around. Maybe she's dreaming about chasing the flying squirrels. Or maybe she's having some strange astral event when she sleeps, some latent memories of the far, far past, when her ancestors roamed wild and free in the world. Maybe she dreams of pacing around in the shadows at the outside of an ancient campfire, waiting for the humans to finish their meal and fall asleep, to creep in the light of the dying embers to steal a scrap of meat that fell to the ground. Or maybe she dreams she's flying... cats can, I assume, have the same lofty dreams we people do. There's no knowing what goes on in her mind... I can only dream along with her.
Well, my children, all this talk of sleep and dreams is making me tired. I think I'll finish off that bottle of Claret I opened this weekend and head off to Nod myself.
I bid ye all good'eve.


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