what am I listening to..?
some tv in the background... Jeopardy, I think...

another announcement...

from Children of The Night Cafe! We've opened up a chat room! Dark Whispers..! Stop by some time and see if The Bloodhound or I are online and say hello! We're planning on having some open forum nights, like a once a week music chat, hosted by none other than myself and another chat about horror movies and the extreme sports scene hosted by The Bloodhound! Also a great place to let us know what you'd like to see on the Cafe site, so drop in and chew the fat (or a neck!) with us for a while! There's always something going on at the Cafe!
I've been very busy lately and still a bit under the weather, so I have much catching up to do reading everyone else's blogs! I haven't forsaken you all, just been hardpressed for time!
and... while you're surfing around, stop in and have a read at Erin's blog, Sweet and Sour Goth... especially if you're into the goth scene. She's been posting some interesting stuff lately about her experiences and would love to hear of your own trials and tribulations of living the dark way...
Let's see, what else...? hmmm, actually nothing! Oh, yeah, there is... What happened to the Darchangels?!?!? I haven't been able to get on their site all day! Chris and Shana, drop a line and let us know what's up!
Well, the antihistamines are starting to take effect, I'm starting to feel all warm and fuzzy! I think I'll go walk around out in the dark woods for a while.
Fare the well, children!
(Wiccan post to come soon, I promise!)


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