what am I listening to..?
The Magnolia Electric Company - "Farewell Transmission"


that I'm not feeling so witty these days. Lack of frivolity is a problem of late. Actually, I'm pretty fucking depressed. I think that's why I have these nostalgic interludes like Friday night's little wisp of life in California so many years ago... sometimes I get a little achey for moments like that...
Isn't it something that so brief an encounter or so slight a moment can engrave itself on your memory forever? What led up to that moment or what came after is really of no consequence in my mind, it is that one specific moment that I carry. Memories of fleeting moments are what haunt me so much. I hope that sometime before I pass on to the next great event that I can put the puzzle of these little, special pieces together and see what the picture is. I hope it's whatever I need to learn before I'm allowed to move on to the next phase, rather than an example of why I have to repeat it all over again. I've never looked for the easy way out of this plane of life... I've tried so very hard to hear and see and feel and touch everything... I hope I haven't wasted the chance. Geez, it sounds like I'm ready to take the pipe, doesn't it? Worry not, friends, I intend to be around for a long, long time, pissing as many people off as possible. I intend to become the really, really sad, fucking ancient goth.
So, anyway... savour those little slices of life. They are what it is all about.


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