what am I listening to..?
myself... seething...

you ungrateful fucks...

thank you for ruining my lunch break. All I wanted to do was sit here, eat my salad and catch up on the news on the web. And what is the first thing I see on FoxNews? The Shiites in Iraq are blaming lax US security for the suicide bombings yesterday that killed in excess of 250 of their ilk. Here's a byte from the FoxNews story, chanted by the Shiite mobs: "No, no, Americans! No, no Israel! No, no, terrorists!" they chanted, carrying red, black and green flags, symbols of martyrdom traditionally used for Ashoura ceremonies. (the italics are mine). Let's see... just a little over a year ago, these same Shiites were hiding in their basements, terrified that Saddam might send little Uday or Quasy over to root them out and hand them a free pass to go join the quarter million others that lay in unmarked mass graves, and now they blame the US for an attack by their bretheren that killed and wounded scores of them celebrating a Shiite Muslim Holy Day.... I guess the idea that your fellow Muslim factions are nothing but a bunch of murderous, blood-thirsty murderers hasn't yet entered you recently freed minds. You know what? I think the coalition forces should pull out of your miserable sand trap of a country and let you fuckers sort it out yourselves. Maybe after you kill yourselves off, we can come back and "liberate" all of our oil drilling and refining equipment that you former despot leader "claimed" in the name of Iraq. That way I won't end up paying three dollars a gallon for gas this summer so I can drive back and forth to work to pay taxes to support keeping our armed forces over there to make you assholes behave. Maybe you liked it better when the Baath Party was in power? Fuck you. Fuck all of you.
Oh, yeah, here's a little tidbit for you to read about the coalition forces that are over there getting killed making it safe for your sandy little asses to celebrate your holy days:
There have been 647 coalition deaths, 550 Americans, 59 Britons, five Bulgarians, one Dane, 17 Italians, two Poles, 10 Spaniards, two Thai and one Ukrainian, in the war as of March 2, 2004.
... how many more?

Fuck you. Fuck you all.


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