what am I listening to..?
Notre Dame versus UConn on the tube...

I feel like...

the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland... too much to do and no time to do it. I just spent an hour filling out a FAFSA renewal form for my daughter's last year in school. It's fun living in limbo land... we make too much to get her any real help and we don't make enough to pay what the government says we can afford to pay... after four years, I still can't figure that one out. No matter, it will all be over soon, she graduates in June with a BS in Biology. Very bright, hard working kid, is she.
Things still to do: I have to create some link buttons for people to put on their web pages to link to the Cafe site, and I have to write a new music review. and add more links. and answer emails from Cafe visitors. and do some research on Roller Derby... Roller Derby??? "What the hell is he talking about now???" (any of you young lady readers out there know how to skate???)
Still have to write my "goth as insect" blog entry. Still have to catch up on reading everyone else's blogs. Still have to contact someone who is willing to help make this mess pretty to look at. Still have to get working on the gardens. Still have to finish the kitchen remodeling project and fix the bathroom ceiling and chase the flying squirrells out of the attic and still have to do about a hundred other things.... it is endless.
It's hard to be a somber, sullen old goth when you're so busy...
I have made a few decisions lately, actually a big one today; as of midnight Sunday, I'm going to quit smoking cigarettes... this decision is not made lightly; I dearly love cigarettes... nothing like beating a heater with a cup of coffee after dinner; nothing like a fag with a beer; however, I dearly love my lungs and I think it is time to give them a break, even though I hardly ever inhale... really, I don't. I may try switching back to my pipes and some herbal smoking mixtures to get over it. Pipes are a pain in the ass to smoke, so they aren't as handy as butts, so I'm less likely to take the time unless the time is truely warranted taking. Besides, some common herbs have an interesting effect when smoked, especially in the right blends. I will let you in on some of the other decisions as they are put into effect... some are minor, some are drastic, but all are interesting.
Well, friends, it's a beautiful night here in New Jersey. I think I'm going to go for a short walk through the woods and see if I can scare up a spirit or two, or maybe some of the wee folk. And have a cigarette; gotta get them in while I can...
I bid thee all fair 'eve.


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