what am I listening to..?
more house sounds


it's Saturday night and here I am, sitting before the computer, trying to be witty, but to no avail. I am a bore. I'm a boring, old goth fart. The highlight of my evening is my dinner; Chinese take-away. Pork Lo Mein, right out of the cardboard container, with an egg roll that tastes like old newspapers and a very, very cold bottle of Beck's. Haute cuisine, what? I should be out listening to some music, hanging out with people I don't know and having a great time with them, but, here I am. Or perhaps I should be in some corner coffee house, listening to some music whilst reading a book and fending off the stares of the cool and popular... I am turning into a fuddy duddy... I need to shake this funk and go on out once in a while. Problem is that if I want to go anywhere remotely fun, like, say, the Stone Pony to hang out and enjoy a band or two, I have to drive a good forty minutes each way. There is someplace closer that sometimes has some good bands, but the place is usually knee deep in obnoxious kids; not many choices. If I want to go to New York or Philly, it's an hour plus trip each way as well. So, here I sit.
I think I'm going to go have another beer, go look at the cloudy sky for a while and then maybe I'll pull out some of my old diaries and see if there's anything in there that might be interesting for you to read. Ain't that a bitch? I have to delve into my past for something interesting. Nice life, huh?


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