what am I listening to..?
fifties Lounge music...

down a path, darkly...

one of the wonderful things about being of the goth persuasion, is that there are no standards to uphold, no marks to hit, no in-crowds to impress. you are what you are. whether you are subtle about it, or you prefer to be in the face about it, you are easily, openly and warmly welcomed by those of the ilk. you don't even need to be blatant about it... the most amazing thing is when you walk into a place full of people of many types and there's a few other goth souls there, you almost instantly gravitate toward each other, no matter how you're dressed. it's more of what you radiate, i think. or not. who knows. who cares.
and please welcome a new goth friend to our little world, "Z". he seems to be a fellow tortured soul, please have a visit. I've added him to the links at the left.
Also, please visit Erin, she's about to post what promises to be some interesting stuff.
And, as far as having something funny for you all to look at, I decided that, indeed, discretion is the better part of valor, or in this case, humor. Some things are better left alone... especially pictures of me, stoned on Scotch at a friend's daughter's wedding...
I'm going to take a break and have another glass of wine. Go outside and look at the sky. Listen to the spring peepers calling from the brook. Smell the earth being born anew. It's a wonderful thing.


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