what am I listening to..?
Scout Niblett - "Peoria Lunchbox Blues" (can you fall in love with a voice..?)

darkest welcomes...

to a new friend, Smiling Goth. Check out the link at the left. Welcome to the Philadelphia area, Suzi.
We're having freaking monsoons... how appropriately dreary, huh? Of course, the Bloodhound, the Mickster and I are off to the Philadelphia Film Festival's Danger After Dark series tomorrow night, so I'm sure it will be pouring... last year it was freezing. We're off to see the French film "Haute Tension", promised to be an edge of your seat frightfest and bloodbath! Yeah! Nightmare fodder!! It will have to be really something to surpass last year's favorite, "Sangre Eterna", a goth-vampire-roleplaying mindfuck of a movie...
Be sure to check out the Bloodhound's review soon in the Cafe's Viewing Room!
(yeah, I know, I've been a lazy ass lately, I haven't reviewed a new CD in two weeks... but I have an excuse! I'm fucking depressed, remember?? yeah, thanks, the same to you!)
Well, right now I have a sinus headache that would kill most mortals. I'm going to go drop some Actifed and a few beers to give it a kick start and then hit the eiderdown. I felt better when I was smoking... I think I have a clove stick or two somewhere, maybe I'll have a pull on one as well.
So, kidz, have a wonderful evening. I hope it's not pouring where you are...
and, you know, I love you all from the bottom of my black little heart!


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