what am I listening to..?
racing cars, going round and round...

spring is sprung...

so far this weekend I've:
(not in this particular order...)
drained the pool cover;
raked the yard proper around the Manor (the back forty will have to wait...);
picked up more deadfall wood then you can imagine;
bought a new blade and air filter for the lawn cutting machine;
tuned up the lawn cutting machine;
chased same around the grounds;
cleaned out the perennial beds;
planted some new perennials to replace stuff that didn't overwinter well;
did the grocery shopping;
did my laundry;
hung same outside to dry;
paid some bills;
went to the bank;
went to the post office;
took all the stuff to the recycling center;
drank some Irish ale;
smoked a few clove cigarettes;
read some of a book;
listened to some music;
read everyone's blogs;
burned the shit out of my lower lip on some pizza cheese;
played my bagpipes;
watched four basketball games;

and now I'm sitting here telling you all about it...
what did you do this weekend?


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