it's hopeless...

trying to get my Haloscan comments service script to work with this template. I've tried everything. I wrote Haloscan for help, maybe they will be able to figure it out... maybe not.
I butchered the script until Blogger would recognize it. In doing so, I can access Haloscan's service and if you click on "pearls before swine", you can cast your jewels of wisdom before my worthless self. But I won't know you did it unless I check each post's comments everytime I sign on. Most inconvenient, what?
In the meantime, if you live on the Eastern Seaboard of the US, go outside to a dark area around nine thirty. Look for Jupiter. It should be in the southwest. At around nine thirty eight, if you are in just the right place, the ISS will eclipse the planet for a brief moment. Check out Space.com for more info.
have fun...
oh, yeah... have I mentioned that I think Blogger or Googger or Bloggle or whatever the fuck it is these days, really, really sucks?
pearls before swine...


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