terrorist attacks...

take many forms... see the following lead in paragraph from an article in this morning's New York Times:
"Citing the security of 7 million daily riders, 48,000 employees and its transportation network, New York City Transit yesterday proposed a ban on unauthorized photography, filming and videotaping on city subways, buses and Staten Island Railway trains. The press and businesses or individuals with permits would be exempt."
The greatest weapon of terrorism is not explosives, hijacked airliners or dirty nukes... it is paranoia. They are turning us upon ourselves. They are causing the beginnings of the erosion of our personal freedoms from the inside out, just by dropping hints that they may do something. They are beginning to wage psychological war against us. And it is very, very effective. Wake up, folks. It is the dawning of a new day, in a brave, new world.
And so, the darkness does start to fall...
pearls before swine...


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