after discovering, via the NASA website, that my home was located about forty miles too far east to actually see the ISS ecslipe Jupiter, I went outside anyway to have a look-see. Sure enough, right on time, the ISS gradually grew from a slight speck of light in the darkness to a bright, fast moving spot that was brighter than Jupiter itself, sailing across the darkened heavens in less than a minute before it started to fade and disappear. It was about a finger's width to the northeast of Jupiter. Quite a sight. Interesting to think that there's some folks up there, going round and round, while we scurry around like lost ants down here. I think I should like to try that before I go four-up. Seems like fun.
Downside of the evening was a field goal by the Lakers, with .004 to go, to beat the Spurs by one. Oh, well.
pearls before swine...


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