what am I listening to..?
it's Sunday, so it's NASCAR!

May Day...

came and went with no celebrations at all. I'm falling down on the job. So, today I'm quaffing a sufficient amount of Guiness to more than make up for it... maybe I'll go out later and do the dance...
It's windy as heck around here and threatening thunderstorms. Everything turned green overnight, it seems. The lilacs are in bloom, the iris' are full of buds and the perennial beds are doing their thing. It's almost time to plant the annual beds. The fern beds in the woodland garden are full of fiddlenecks and the wild violets are all blooming all over the place. The hostas are really fulled out already and even the crape myrtle is full of little leaves. It will be a beautiful summer around the manor, me thinks!
We're going to open the pool next weekend and get a jump on the midnight swimming sessions. I sanded and varnished all the wood outside furniture. Next weekend I'm making a neat gothic trellis for the the back wall of the house and planting some moon flowers and hop vines. Also picking some more stuff for the herb garden, I actually found some patchoulli! I love this time of year.


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