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Hurry up, George, apologize...

Or they won't let our servicemen and servicewomen stay in their country, getting killed trying to protect their freedoms. While you're at it, maybe you should apologize for America building the World Trade Center, I mean, they were in the way of those hijacked airplanes, you know. Same with the Pentagon. Shame on America for putting that building there. You can't take the blame for that farm field in Pennsylvania, though you really should say you're sorry for the antics of those hijacked passengers, I mean, no true American would think about trying to wrest control of a hijacked airplane away from those poor Middle Eastern fellows. And, hell, George, what about toppling a regime that murdered hundreds of thousands of it's own people, invaded it's neighbors and helped terrorist organizations with money and safe harbor? Why, we Americans have one hell of a nerve doing such business, don't we?
Oh, and let's not forget to beg forgivness for what those stupid American soldiers did when they got captured by the Iraqi's, getting their bodies, limbs and faces in the way of their Iraqi captor's boots and truncheons. God, what were they thinking? And George, please make sure you do extra pennance to make up for those civilian contractors who had the absolute nerve to not only be murdered in the street, but incited the crowd enough to mutilate, burn and display their bodies. What kind of rabble-rousers are we Americans, anyway?
George, the best thing to do, I think, is this: tell them you're sorry and you'll take all your toys and go home now, so they can sort it all out between themselves without the ugly Americans stepping their toes. Then come home and find the silly bastards who started this crap by abusing the Iraqi prisoners and prosecute them to the fullest extent of military and civillian law, which is what they do deserve. No one, under any circumstances who calls themselves an human being should ever behave that way and get away with it. Then, why don't you come on over to my place and hang out for a weekend? We can have a few beers, some barbeque and talk about some shit in our own country that could stand some apologizing over and let's get started on straightening some of that out, ok?


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