back amongst the living...

for a while, anyway...
Draft night turned out to be a nightmare. After some carefully veiled assurances that Herve was going to be drafted, the teams that were supposed to pick him didn't. I won't go into the details, but the end of the night was, well, I've been at merrier funerals...
After everyone finally left and we cleaned up, it was after two in the morning and I got a few hours sleep and left for Monster Bash at five-thirty Friday morning. I made it to Butler in six and a half hours with only two quick pit stops and walked into the hotel lobby at eleven thirty. After the dissapointment of the previous night, I have to say that stepping through those doors helped me cast off all the ill feelings that were pent up inside me. There, in the lobby, was a life size figure of Tor Jonson, rising from the grave in Plan 9 From Outer Space and I had to laugh. I immediatly ran into Don Reese, the comedian who is a Bash favorite, and he gave me a big handshake and hug and I felt really great after that. Being at the Bash is like being at a family reunion, albeit, a strange one. Everyone you've met in previous years remembers who you are and what you like and greets you by name even after not seeing you for a year. I met up with The Bloodhound, his kids and Micky later in the afternoon and we had such a great time. Lots of great movies, guests, I dropped a small fortune on DVDs, t-shirts and stuff. I got a first edition graphic novel signed by the writers, Bob Tinell and Todd Livingstone, a couple of great guys. I also got a signed print by William Max Miller, noted dark artist and expert on the Mummy. Ate too much, drank too much, slept too little - which is just what you're supposed to do at the Bash. Sunday came much too quickly. I have to, once again, tip my hat to Ron Adams of Creepy Classics for pulling it off, the guy must never sleep. Thanks, Ron!
So, on the Herve front, he was not drafted, but was almost immediatly contacted by the Golden State Warriors to come out for a workout, as they have a few spots on their roster to fill and have great interest in him. I feel sorry for the teams that could have drafted him... in a few years they will be kicking themselves in the ass when they see what a great NBA caliber player he is. Too bad for them.
A few personal notes: Erin, glad to hear your feeling somewhat better, hang in there. Chris and Shana, I promise lots of posts on Goths Just Wanna Have Fun, now that things are starting to calm down at the Manor.
The next thing to do is to concentrate on getting the Penn Jersey She Devils Roller Derby team up and running, stand by for news on that front soon.
Gotta run, Herve is bringing his parents over for a visit tonight before they leave to go back to Africa. I have to go get the black fingernail polish off before Mrs. Sad Old Goth freaks on me!
Oh, just one more thing, I picked up a nice pair of winged dog gargoyle candle holders at the Bash; they've taken up residence on the pump organ in the dining room of the Manor. The Mrs. thinks they are very scary. MWAHHHHHHH-HA-HA-HA!!!
pearls before swine...


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