damn it...

my computer is all fucked up again. all the web pages are twice the size they normally are. this happened once before... I had to hose the hard drive and re-install the operating system and Windows in order to fix it. this blows.
on the up side, Herve is home from NBA Draft camps for a few days. He surprised us by showing up at Cathy's sister's Memorial Day party on Sunday. It was fun, having him, my daughters and their boyfriends all together and partying. He heads back tomorrow for more workouts with more teams. June 24th is coming up fast.
I'm on the verge of burnout. I hope I can hold out until the end of the month; NBA Draft at Madison Square Garden on the 24th, then drive all night to Pittsburgh for Monster Bash! Three days of classic horror films, old friends and new ones. It's always a great time.
Just finished dinner. Summertime dinners are interesting - hot dogs, steak, mashed potatoes, pepper shooters and Murphy's Irish Stout. URRRRRRRRRRRP!
Gotta run, the Pacers and Pistons are on. Gotta suck up on B-Ball while I can.
pearls before swine...


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