just in case...

you're interested in keeping score, it is:
Stately Sad Old Goth Manor's Kitchen wall: 1
Sad Old Goth, the Dark Prince of Home Renovation: 0
I tried this evening to carefully, deftly remove the gorgeous, handmade Czechoslovakian tiles that served as a backsplash behind the sink, stove and counter next to the stove. They've been glued up there about twelve years. I was more interested in doing little or no damage to the sheetrock rather than the tiles. I thought that, by scoring the top paper layer of the sheetrock at the top and bottom of the tiles, that I could peel the paper layer off with the tile, leaving no damage behind. Well, I didn't get the aardvark I wanted for Christmas, either. I now have a one foot by four foot section of wall that looks like Saddam's living room after a visit by the Marines... So, tile removing work has halted. I'm going to have to cut out the ruined sheetrock, put in a patch, tape and spackle and then proceed with painting. I'm going to leave the balance of the tiles on the walls and put the press tin backsplash right over it, with some nosing to cap off the gap at the top of the tile. This will set me back at least three days.
Nothing is easy...

pearls before swine...


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