Monster Bash...

starts this Friday in Butler, PA, just a short zombie shuffle from Pittsburgh, home of The Night of the Living Dead! I'll be leaving right after the draft party to drive all night to get there, with laptop in tow, so I can bring you up to the minute reports of all the ghoulies and ghosties I encounter! I'll be hooking up with The Bloodhound, his spawn Matt and William and the Mickster there as well. The way The Bloodhound and I figure, we will be getting about four hours sleep the whole weekend, so it will be The Weekend of the Living Dead for us! You can also check out the happenings on line at:
If you love the classic horror films and great people, this is the place to be. It's almost like the Addams Family reunion! There's been a larger influx of gothies each year so it's even more interesting in the wee hours...
Well, I'm starving, so it's off to the larder to find something to kill and eat.

pearls before swine...


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