the power of prayer...

must be working... thanks Chris and Shana!
I spent yesterday morning ripping down the old kitchen ceiling in preparation of installing the new tin ceiling. Apparently the local mouse population had been using the kitchen as a freeway into the other areas of the house, as I had to contend with it raining mouse crap all over the place. Not a nice thing. I will need to put some blocking between the rafters that hold the upstairs floor to prevent them from doing so again. I also need to do some major rewiring. When I ran new electric lines to the rest of the house, they had to go through the kitchen ceiling and since I was putting in a drop ceiling, I just ran the cables along the bottom of the beams. Now that I'm going to put a plywood base up there to attach the tin panels, I need to drill holes through the beams to run the cables. Not a real big deal, but a setback, none the less. It also turns out that there is a heating duct where I want to put the new ceiling fixture, so that will be interesting to wire. So, off to the hardware store I go to get some cable, junction boxes, wire nuts... and a fire extinguisher... hey, you can't be too careful!

pearls before swine...


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