have i ever mentioned...

that, on occasion, Blogger sucks? It just ate a huge post. And here's what I learned; in the new post composing window, if you want to select all the copy and use the Control A shortcut, it only highlights the copy visible in the window, not the entire text. So, when I tried to repaste the post into the window, only that portion of it appeared. And so I'm pissed. From now on I will have to remember to manually highlight all the text I want to copy. So you can thank Blogger that you're reading this, instead of my thousand plus word tome on how much I love coffee, the merits (or lack thereof) of the new Cure cd, a story about a catbird and a great lot of other caffiene inspired blather. Grrrrrrrr.
Maybe I'll try again later.
pearls before swine...


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